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Meet our keynotes

We are excited to announce Ann Weiser Cornell and Mark Solms as keynote speakers on Emotion Revolution 2025!

We are honored to introduce Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell, a renowned figure pioneering the world of self-awareness and emotional healing. Dr. Cornell, with her groundbreaking work on Focusing, has carved a distinctive path that connects the intricacies of our inner emotional landscapes with tangible therapeutic practices.
Prepare to delve deep into the fascinating nexus of neuroscience and psychoanalysis as we shine the spotlight on the esteemed Dr. Mark Solms. A titan in the field of neuropsychology and a leading light in contemporary psychoanalytic thought, Dr. Solms has ceaselessly bridged the gap between the clinical and the cerebral.
All our keynote speakers are among the most recognized clinical experts in the world in their field, and they will give you access to new knowledge and techniques on how you can overcome challenges in therapy in your work. We are convinced our participants will leave the conference with new skills and new knowledge that will make a true difference for you and your patients.

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Welcome to Bergen, the city between the mountains and fjords!

As an added bonus, the host city for Emotion Revolution, Bergen, happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our city is an historic city, surrounded by seven mountains, fjords and culture. We strongly recommend that you add a few days to explore Bergen and Norway! The month of April kicks off the spring season when our cherry blossoms burst and the long spring nights are unfolding. Welcome to Bergen!